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How to assemble bicycle wheels
« on: May 20, 2019, 02:01:45 AM »
1.Place rim on pre-assemble support tool ( if you are an individual user do not need this tool.

2. Place hub on pre-assemble support tool.

3.Put some grease on head of spoke.

4.Insert the first 10 spokes (This is  20holes front hub) through upper hub holes. Remember to put some grease on each  spoke head.

5.Insert an spoke from inside rim spoke hole to outside rim spoke hole.

6. Thread a nipple on end side spoke.

7.Place nipple on inside rim hole.

8.Place nipple tool on outside hole to avoid loose nipple inside the rim.

9.Remove the spoke used before.

10.Place j-bend spoke on nipple.

11.Repeat steps other spokes  1 by 1.

12.Turn the Wheel and insert other spokes.

13.Screw all nipples until you can see only 1 thread wire on each nipple.

14.Prepare tools for truing and dishing process.

15.Put front Wheel on truing stand, screw each nipple 1 by 1 (not skip any nipples). not more than ¼ turn each time.  Until you don't feel spokes loose.

16.Adjust wheel flatness .tight or relase nipple 1 by 1 . When the rim is close to the left side, tight right nipple ( ¼ turn) and  release the left side nipple  ( ¼ turn) .(do not keep turn 1 nipple until the left and right distances are balanced. it will let you hard to made the rim's roundness) , the correct ways is check next one, after you check all nipple you will find the when is more flatness than before!

17.Use the center arch tool to check the rim will be in center of hub.

18.Get spoke tension according spokes and rim type. Follow rim manufacturer values. 

19.Adjust wheel roundness,tight or release nipple   ( 1/8 turn) , 1 by 1 . you can check with dial gage  .standard < 20.

20.To release stress tension on spokes due to truing process, proceed to bend with hands each two spokes. 

21.Finally apply a force (60kg) on hub. First one side. Turn the Wheel and place again on bench Wheel support. Aplly again a force on the other hub side, and second the other side.